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We Have BIG News!

I’m SO EXCITED to announce that Pink Elephant Products is finally opening our very own zero waste retail store!!! Our own door, our own shelves....squeeeee! We have secured a location in Detroit’s North End, and I anticipate a Grand Opening date in March.

Our customers will have a location to drop off materials we accept in our recycling program that encompasses a wide variety of items that can’t be put in curbside bins such as cosmetics packaging, juice bags, and holiday string lights. We will also offer discounts for returning our product packaging when purchasing a replacement item. When all of the store infrastructure is in place, customers will be able to bring in their containers for refilling. The store will carry Pink Elephant Product’s private label brand of eco-friendly cleaning and home care supplies, personal care, and cosmetics, as well as a wide variety of sustainable living aids, such as reusable produce bags, kitchen composting supplies, reusable straws, plastic-free food and beverage storage, stainless steel baby bottles, and more.

Customers will also be able to pick up their orders they've placed online via our website or app.

In celebration, we've got some exciting new products we'll be introducing in the new location, including:

  • New shampoo bar varieties and NEW conditioner bars (unlike LUSH, ours are free of synthetic fragrance and sodium lauryl sulfate!)

  • New Beeswraps, an eco-friendly alternative to plastic wrap

What makes our store unique? You will NOT find Seventh Generation, Burt's Bees, Mrs. Meyer's Clean Day, or Clorox Greenworks in our store. We carry only independently owned brands with NO multinational parent company. The overwhelming majority of brands in our store are headquartered in the United States. We carefully curate and research the ownership, trustworthiness, and sustainability practices of every brand we carry.

Follow Pink Elephant on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter for the latest updates on our grand opening! This has been a long time coming, and I'm thrilled to see the beginnings of the vision come to fruition. I can't tell you how excited I am about this next step in the journey. Thanks for coming along!


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