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Relaxation. Peace of mind. Stillness.

Those seems like a far-fetched luxuries in these times. We are exiting a pandemic while entering a revolution and civil unrest. How can one truly afford to relax, have a peace of mind or be still? Truth is relaxing, detaching, hitting the pause button is a must now more than ever. Mental and emotional exhaustion, burn out, frustration are very real consequences of staying locked in to this high level of emotion and energy.

With that we’d like to introduce Apatheca Blue Bath and Body. These products are perfect for relieving stress, hyper tension, relaxing stiff muscles and joints and support the body in detoxing. They also soothe mind/body and promote calmness with carefully selected ingredients that work in sync with the body. In addition to using Apathaca Blue, here are a few tips to help prevent exhaustion and burn out.

  • Even though this may be a challenge to NOT KNOW whats happening. I suggest asking a friend to update you when NECESSARY. You determine what NECESSARY is. If you live with others share with that you on a social media break, so they can honor not sharing unnecessary news with you.

  • This not only slowly traumatizes you, if also sets the stage for becoming desensitized to things that should invoke compassion or empathy.

  • This is time tested tool of release. There is no right or wrong way to expression yourself on paper. Follow your intuition, if you feel like writing sentences do that, if you feel like writing single words, do that. This is your space of exit.

  • This is EXTREMELY person specific. Whatever resonates with you that is what you do. It can be as simple as lighting a candle in silence. Or singing your favorite song that lifts your energy. Meditation. Chanting. The list goes on, again there’s no right or wrong way. This is about your betterment and inner balance.

Journey Well,


"The nearer a man comes to a calm mind, the closer he is to strength." - Marcus Aurelius

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