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Contact-free Compost Drop-Off, Recycling, and Shopping

Updated: Jul 2, 2020

Retail stores in Michigan are slowly reopening; restaurants and bars will be opening for dine-in service next week. But that doesn't necessarily mean people WANT to shop or dine in. We get that, and we want to help you shop, compost, and recycle safely, comfortably, and conveniently. We're currently open for in-person retail, and we're accepting both compost drop-off and recycling as well. However, you don't have to come in the store to drop off your compost and recycling! You can pick up your online order curbside, too.


We're going slowly with reopening, and the store hours will change moving forward. Currently, we are open Tuesday through Friday 12 to 5, and Saturday 10 to 5. You may come in to shop if you are comfortable - we have hand sanitizer and disposable masks available if you need them. You can also pay online for your order and select 'curbside pick-up' as your shipping option. When you arrive, call the store at 313-873-7330 or text 313-316-1173 to let me know you're there, and I can bring your order out to your car, or I can set it on the table just outside the store's front door.

Shipping is free right now to the continental U.S.; we can also ship your order to you. We can ship to Canada at reasonable rates - including cookies from Avalon International Breads!


You can drop off your compost curbside, too. Simply pay online, and then use the bin we have outside the store's front door to drop off your compost. The bin is locked when not being used; call the store at 313-873-7330, text 313-316-1173, or email to let me know when you're dropping off compost so we can leave the bin unlocked for you. You're welcome to come in the store to drop your compost off, too, and pay in the store.

When ordering takeout food or beverages, don't throw those compostable containers and utensils away! We accept certified compostable disposable foodware, including utensils, in our program.

You can shop online or in person with us for everything you need to start composting at home - check out the new, all-natural Odor Disposer from Waste Management, made specifically for compost and garbage odors. And yes, you can refill it in our store, too!


We have greatly expanded our recycling program to include many more kinds of difficult to recycle items that should NOT go in your curbside bin. Keep in mind that we do NOT accept items that SHOULD go in your curbside bin. Please ensure that the items you're dropping off are on our list of acceptable materials - 'wishcycling' makes it tough to keep our program affordable and convenient. You can come in the store to drop off your recycling, or drop it off curbside. Call the store at 313-873-7330, text 313-316-1173, or email to let me know when you're dropping off recycling.


Join our Compost Club, our Recycling Club, or our Zero Waste Champion Club.

Compost Club

$8 monthly fee for once-weekly compost drop-off during store hours of up to 6 gallons, plus one free box of 3 gallon-sized or 7 gallon-sized compostable bags each quarter. The 3 gallon bags fit perfectly in our kitchen countertop bins, and the 7 gallon bags are ideal for 5 gallon pails. Visit to see what is accepted in our program.

Recycling Club

Recycling with Pink Elephant Products is now an affordable, membership-based program. The fee is $5 per month for ONE HOUSEHOLD. Go to for a downloadable list of what is accepted in this program. Materials can be dropped off any time during store hours. We have improved and expanded the program, and the nominal fee helps ensure we can continue to provide this service to our customers.

Zero Waste Champion Club

Pay the monthly subscription fee for both the compost and recycling clubs in one lump annual payment at $6 less than the monthly rate, and receive 4 free boxes of compostable bags PLUS a countertop compost bin!


We know that the product with the least amount of impact is the one you can reuse again and again, and that recycling should take a backseat to reusing. That's why we have so many products to make that possible, and a refill station for your personal care and cleaning products, including hand sanitizer. Bring your own bottles or use ours.

We've added some new products since the last time you saw us, too! We hope you'll stop by.

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